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We are a triune being (body, soul and spirit). God made us three, in one, in the likeness of Himself (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Our soul is made up of our heart, mind, will and emotions. Mental health is a real battle and yet, often times people of faith don’t know how they connect.


The goal of this series is to debunk the stigma that “it doesn’t exist” or “it does exist, but God doesn’t play a part.” We are believing that every week will be spiritual and practical, helping those who either struggle with mental health or equipping everyone to have empathy and be able to help those who do.

Book Recommendations:

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Parental Resources

Orange includes several blogs, podcasts, books and videos for parents of teenagers and children to help bring empathy, understanding and help.

Bible Emotions Wheel

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Additional Resources

Dr. Henry Cloud: Courses,

Books and Coaching

Pause App: A simple way to connect

with God in the middle of your busy day.

"In the Light" Podcast

with Anita Phillips

My Mental Health: Do I Need Help? Worksheet

Christian Counseling & Therapy Recommendations

Dr. Vince Callahan specializes in assisting parents and educators understand the impact early life trauma has on students.

Dr. Ron Cook, along with multiple providers, specialize in marriage, trauma, addiction, abuse, teenagers and Young Adults, play therapy for children.

Rashawn and Lori Brewster specialize in marriage and family therapy, anxiety, stress, life transitions, anger management, grief and loss, and cultural identity issues. 

Virtual Counseling with multiple specialties that provides biblical guidance through life's struggles.

Breaking The Stigma